Ragi - The Dark Pearl

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Ragi - The Black Pearl

I clearly remember the day when I had carried the ragi roti to my office for my lunch for the first time. With tiffins around opening in parathas and pulaos, I stayed focused on my goal of strengthening my bone and muscles. Doctor had clearly said that I needed injection shots to overcome the knee pain that I was facing. Having mother around really helps. She was the one who had suggested to follow her diet for few days before deciding on whether shots are the only way to improve the condition of my knee. I trusted her advice and surrendered completely to what she advised. And, here my lunch opened up to 2 Ragi Rotis, a green bhaji, a bowl of dal with beetroot raita. I had curious eyes around for the elaborate lunch and more for the dark looking rotis. Few couldn’t resist asking about it. I myself hadn’t known much about it. I only had eaten “madua” roti with fish during one of the festivals of Jitiya done by my mother. This combination was specific to the tradition of the festival. Having madua roti as a part of the daily food was difficult as it was not sold in our grocery shop next door. It was an yearly event to arrange for the Jitiya ritual. Although I had heard many stories of how it used to be a staple for my mother’s grandparents and then it slowly disappeared from the plates.

Coming back to my stint of making Ragi roti’s a part of my lunch is that it finally opened up a new world to me. I will talk about it in my next blog. For the time being I will stick to letting you know that I did not need the injection shots. My knee regained the strength it had lost and I got my pace back. Ragi has tremendous benefits and we surely should make it a part of our food plate in any of the form.

Health Benefits Of Ragi

  1. Ragi prevents the onset of Osteoporosis – It has 350mg Calcium per 100gm, which is the richest source of dietary Calcium among all cereals. It is up to 10 times Calcium than common grains like rice or wheat and 3 times than that of milk.

    (Reference – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4925701/ )
  2. Ragi should definitely be a part of all lactating mothers because of their high daily requirement of calcium. They need around 1300mg Calcium daily.
  3. There is a high concentration of polyphenols in the coats of Ragi seeds. These phenols like phenolic acids and tannins have antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. These help in reducing the rate of ageing.
  4. Complex carbohydrate and high fibre content of Ragi helps in slowing down the digestion. This in result keeps you full for longer duration. Hence, is helpful in prevention of Obesity.
  5. High level of dietary fibres and micronutrients in Ragi helps improve the gut health and hence, boost overall immunity of the body.

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