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A Crunchy Beginning

Unhealthy lifestyles have become an obsession for most people today as they are conveniently dominated by street foods & mouth-watering junk items. But sadly, these enticing treats are heavily induced with bad carbohydrates, trans fat, high-cholesterol, and other life harming ingredients. Hence, eating healthy, nutritious food has now become a matter of need than a choice.

So what is the most popular excuse for this mindless munching? “Healthy food is boring and doesn’t taste good!”. Well yes, we do agree to that to some extent, that’s why at Tasty Tribe we make food products that are more than just healthy, they are super delicious too, giving you a guilt-free crunch with every bite!

Healthy Bites Of Guilt-Free Snacking

Tasty Tribe’s food products are not only appetizing & high in nutrition, they are also made up of the highest quality ingredients, have less calorie count, improve immunity, curb hunger, reduce sugar-levels & aid in improving heart related problems. Plus, they are rich in minerals, vitamins & fibre. We have carefully developed our food products in collaboration with some of India’s best food technologists.


Each day at Tasty Tribe, we set out to pledge and deliver world-class innovation in food technology to bring back indigenous ingredients into the mainstream.


We aim to be the premier manufacturer and supplier of innovative food and snack solutions that contribute to help people make healthy lifestyle choices and turn our planet into one healthy family.


Respect: Be respectful to everyone in our ecosystem & succeed together. Transparency: Everything we do is based on honesty & openness. Commitment: We are dedicated to the success of our stakeholders in our value chain – from farmers to our customers.

Ultimate Crunch In Every Bite!

We feel proud to have discovered the secret to snack perfection, giving us the shortest route to everyone’s heart – We utilize the most natural, handpicked ingredients, minimally processed to bring out the natural flavor of farm-grown edibles. As a result, our food products are fresher, crunchier, and simply taste better. Tasty Tribe brings a wide choice of healthy food and snacks for all, especially for people who are on the move, we are the go-to snack brand.

High dietery fibre:

Helps maintain bowel health and control blood pressure.


We make use of fresh and natural ingredients.


Reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.


Reduces chronic inflammation, boosts energy & promotes weight loss.


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