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Gut Health Significance and Role of Millets

“Butterflies in my stomach” is simply not just an idiom but has a very significant science behind it. The gut brain connection has been in focus among the scientist community over last few years. The gut is our gastrointestinal tract and is coined as our second brain. Serotonin which is a brain neurotransmitter is produced majorly (90%) in our gut. It has huge role in mood regulation as well as gastrointestinal functions.

Gut health is closely related to our mental health and vice versa. It is quite common to have a stomach pain in our stressful times or an upset stomach in the time of anxiety.

Many health issues are linked to poor gut health:

  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • skin issues
  • poor sleep
  • stress
  • depression
  • obesity

The evidence of the linkages of our gut state to mental health comes from the fact that a higher percentage of people with IBS and constipation report of mental stress and depression. It is found that the state of our gut microbiome can correctly predict obesity in 90% of cases. The researchers are even trying to find out connections between our digestive tract and our cognitive abilities. With advancement in research in this field the focus has surely come to the well being of the gut microbiome which produces many neurotransmitters. So, basically what we eat is crucial in restoration and proliferation of the gut flora.
Probiotics are the good bacteria and help in the restoration of the gut microbiome. In the recent times the effictiveness of probiotics have been challenged. Studies suggest that most of the bacteria are destroyed till the time it reaches the intestine and hence, the effectiveness is dramatically reduced for probiotics.
To overcome this issue we need more prebiotics in our diet. Prebiotics dietary fibres and act like a fodder for good bacteria. This help in the restoration and colonization of our gut microbiome. Millets are rich in dietary fibre and resitant starch and a great source of prebiotics.
In the end, we would just reiterate the fact that healthy eating is key to keep our mental health in control and balanced.

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